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From the cellar

Il nostro olio. Nella foto le piante che producono le olive che, spremute, daranno vita all'olio. The particular climate makes it possible for vineyards and olive trees as well as woods to grow up tside by side on the volcanic hills. The existence of an oil-mill, which dates back to the 14th century, confirms that olive tree has been cultivated ever since. Our production is under the DOP (Protect Origin Denomination) and the Euganean and Berici Hills marks. Our oil varieties are Rasara Matosso, Leccino, Pensolino and Frantoio. The extra-virgin oil has a colour that ranges from gold-green to deep yellow, a fruit-like scent of more or les intensity and a flavour which is both fruit-like and bitter to the taste.

Agriturismo con Bed and Breakfast Padova. Vini e olio dei Colli Euganei
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