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From the cellar

L'azienda agricola Sturaro Flavio e Loris Vineyards and olive trees are the soul of this beautiful and ancient farm situated in the Park of the Euganean Hills. Technology and tradition meet every day in the work of the Sturaro brothers, born and grown up on these hills of which they love and respect the ancient values and marvellous potentialities. The traditional grape growing has always been the main target of the farm and the very owners work to obtain the best quality respecting the environment at the same time. In recent times, olive tree growing has been introduced together with grape cultivation. With the cooperation of Padua-University’s Agriculture Faculty and thanks to secular plants present in the farm, an important olive-tree cultivation has been started. This cultivation produces the delicate oil of the Euganean Hills, known since the Roman Age. The white and red wines and the extra-virgin olive oil produced by the Sturaros show how it is possible to produce something of quality in the full respect of man and environment.

Agriturismo con Bed and Breakfast Padova. Vini e olio dei Colli Euganei
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